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Where are the world's most competitive cities?

Our new research looks at the rapidly evolving global system of cities, the impact of the major forces of change on global urban dynamics and the implications for the real estate sector.

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Where are the world's most innovative cities?

Our latest research quantifies Innovation and Talent strengths of over 100 cities globally. Find out which cities lead the way.

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How can cities prepare for tourism growth?

In conjunction with the WTTC, Destination 2030 offers a unique way of evaluating cities’ readiness for increased tourism and the solutions to foster sustainable growth.

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Which cities have the fastest growing office rents?

San Antonio has been in the top 10 for office rental growth for the past five years, registering a 32.0% uplift during the last 12 months. Find out where the other high performing markets are in our latest Global Office Index.

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Where are the world's most dynamic cities?

JLL's latest City Momentum Index covers 131 major established and emerging markets and identifies cities that have the strongest short-term economic and real estate market momentum.

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Hong Kong remains the most expensive premium office market in the world

Find out where other cities rank and which offer the best value globally with our latest Premium Office Rent Tracker.

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Explore & Compare
300 Cities

Our City Comparison Toolkit will help you visualize the position
of individual cities and compare one city against another.

Which 300 cities are the focus of commercial real estate activity?

We introduce our Global 300 Cities and help you to visualize the position of each city within the global framework.

Where are the growth hotspots and future opportunities?

Our Global 300 City Clustering Tool gives you a unique perspective on city-market dynamics and emerging trends.

What are the top 30 global real estate markets and how do they compare?

Our ranking toolkit lets you compare the top 30 cities on key indicators such as economic strength, connectivity, real estate investment activity and rental performance.

How do the top 30 cities perform and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

We compare the top 30 cities on key indicators such as economic strength, real estate performance, momentum, risk and connectivity.

Which 650 cities are on our radar?

Find out which cities are in our Global 300, the focus of most commercial real estate activity, and which cities are on our Watch List.

Explore 140 retail cities

Compare their international retail attractiveness against economic indicators and our global real estate transparency index.

The Urbanist

Latest Perspectives from cities experts

Making Affordable Housing a Reality in Cities

What are the challenges and solutions to the affordability crisis?

This WEF report unpacks the notion of affordability and identifies the contributing factors across the demand and supply side of the housing value chain. It also highlights solutions that cities from around the world are employing to address this crisis.

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Deadline 2020

A routemap to turn the aspirations of the Paris Agreement into reality

Deadline 2020 presents a detailed pathway of what C40 cities need to do to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. How will cities achieve the target?

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Migration and its Impact on Cities

The World Economic Forum explores migration trends and cities

What are the types, causes and patterns of migration? Where are the most affected corridors and cities and what is the impact on urban infrastructure and services? This report addresses these questions and offers guidance on how cities can future proof themselves.

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Finance for City Leaders Handbook

The role of real estate development in urbanizing cities

In Chapter 10 of this UN Habitat report, JLL explores how cities can use private sector investment to achieve long-term goals and defines the role of real estate development in urbanizing cities.

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Our Expertise

Stratford, London

Harnessing the regenerative power of the 2012 Olympics

The catalyst of the 2012 Olympic Games has helped establish Stratford as a new, vibrant centre in East London. The emerging neighbourhood is centred on one of London’s largest malls and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and these are set to be joined by a number of globally-renowned cultural institutions and the ‘International Quarter’, which will become a new office hub for London.

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HafenCity, Hamburg

One of Europe’s largest inner city regeneration projects

The HafenCity scheme is extending Hamburg’s city centre by some 40% through the ambitious regeneration of its former port areas. The vibrant mixed-use district includes museums, a new metro line, a creative quarter and the striking new Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

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Hudson Yards, New York

America’s largest private real estate development

The largest project in Midtown Manhattan since the creation of Park Avenue, Hudson Yards represents a scheme of huge ambition, scale and complexity. Constructed over working railyards, the district is already emerging as one of NYC’s major new office submarkets, having attracted Time Warner, CNN, Coach and L’Oreal.

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World Trade Center, New York

Redeveloping New York’s most prominent site

The 16-acre area in Downtown Manhattan represented New York’s most complex and sensitive site. Today, the 1,776 foot-tall One World Trade Center stands on the site, alongside two other completed towers, the National September 11 Museum & Memorial, and Santiago Calatrava’s spectacular transportation hub.

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Barangaroo, Sydney

Advancing Sydney’s global city status

The International Towers Sydney at Barangaroo represent one of the world’s premier waterfront transformation projects, offering more than 280,000 square metres of office space. The new financial district has cemented Sydney’s position as one of the world’s leading global commercial hubs and investment destinations, attracting pre-commitments from HSBC, Westpac, PwC, KPMG and Baker McKenzie.

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Melbourne Docklands, Melbourne

Expanding Melbourne’s city centre

Melbourne’s Docklands have been transformed from industrial wasteland to a vibrant, mixed-use city district. Neighbouring the city’s CBD, the 220 hectare site is now one of its most dynamic areas and biggest visitor destinations – home to the Etihad Stadium, the Melbourne Star Ferris Wheel and a growing presence of multinational corporations.

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2010 World Expo Site, Shanghai

Capitalising on Shanghai’s global moment

The 2010 World Expo attracted more than 70 million visitors and successfully showcased Shanghai across the globe. Following the event, the site along the Huangpu River is emerging as home to a world-class cultural cluster, a strong retail offer and a new urban park. It will also host the headquarters of 13 state-owned enterprises, with aspirations to become one of Shanghai’s key business districts.

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Jeremy Kelly

Director, Global Research, London

Jeremy is a Director in JLL's Global Research team and is one of the spearheads of JLL's Cities Research Center. A passionate advocate of the role of real estate in driving city success, Jeremy is the author of several of JLL's Global Research publications, including the City Momentum Index and the Global Real Estate Transparency Index.

Carol Hodgson

Director, Global Research, London

Carol is a Director in the Global research team and focuses on the cities research programme along with leading bespoke client work. Carol's interests include real estate economics and the key trends shaping the future of living. Carol has extensive experience in investment research and real estate forecasting.

Matthew McAuley

Senior Analyst, Global Research, London

Matthew is a Senior Analyst in JLL's Global Research team with a keen interest in urban and regional economics and the impact of demographic trends on city performance. Matthew has contributed to a number of JLL's recent publications including the City Momentum Index, Global300 and the Investment Intensity Index.

Masha Seymour

Marketing Director, Global Research, London

Masha is the marketing lead for the Global Research team at JLL, responsible for the delivery of Global Research Marketing Programmes. Masha's main focus is on the development of multi-media research outputs, including interactive web-based applications, data visualizations and video content.

Rupert Davies

Analyst, Global Research, London

Rupert is an Analyst in JLL's Global Research team, working predominately on digital geographies and urban transformation projects. Rupert's experience includes extensive research on retail and global FMCG brands, and international experience working in China where he has visited over twenty cities.