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Grand Paris


Grand Paris

Grand Paris

One of the world's most ambitious

infrastructure-led urban transformations

Large Infrastructure Projects Currently
Underway around the World

Grand Paris Express

Grand Paris Express

Grand Paris Express
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Grand Paris
Redefining the geography of Paris

Grand Paris is an ambitious urban development project led by the modernisation and major expansion of the city's Metro system. New routes will significantly reduce journey times between key areas, unlocking opportunities for developers, investors and corporate occupiers. Modern sustainable neighbourhoods and specialised business hubs will emerge along the new lines, redefining the geography of Paris and transforming the city into a dynamic, liveable 21st century metropolis.


Paris is constantly having to reinvent itself

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris -

Grand Paris
Europe's largest city-region

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Why invest in Paris?

31% of
national GDP

12 million people,
6.5 million jobs

47 million
visitors per year

Europe's highest concentration of
Fortune 500 companies

Largest office market in
(53 million sqm)

Europe's leading R&D region
and higher education hub
(600 000 students)

Grand Paris - 7 Districts
Compelling Opportunities for Investors, Developers and
Corporate Occupiers 2015-2030

Line 15 | Number of Stations: 37 | Completion: 2030

Encircling Paris, Line 15 will be the longest of the new lines and include 37 stations. It will increase connectivity to various industry clusters, including Villejuif-Evry (life sciences), La Defense (financial services), Saint-Denis Pleyel (creative industries) and Descartes (sustainability).

The first part of the line will be completed by 2022.

Click on the i symbol to find out about the impact on residential and office prices in the area

Line 17 | Number of Stations: 9 | Completion: 2030

Including a stop at the city's Charles de Gaulle airport, Line 17 will strengthen connections between the creative industries cluster in Saint-Denis Pleyel, the aerospace cluster in Le Bourget and the International Trade and Events cluster at Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

Line 16 | Number of Stations: 10 | Completion: 2023

The 25-km Line 16 will boost connectivity to the east of the city, connecting more remote areas of Seine-Saint-Denis (such as Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil) to the city. It will support the clusters in Descartes (sustainability) and Saint-Denis Pleyel (creative industries).

Line 14 | Completion: 2024

The existing line will be extended from Gare Saint-Lazare to the new hub at Saint-Denis Pleyel in the north, while, in the south, it will create a new, high frequency link between the centre of Paris and Orly airport. The line will link to each of the four new Grand Paris Express lines.

Line 11 | Completion: 2025

An extension of Line 11 to Rosny-Bois-Perrier was agreed prior to the establishment of the Grand Paris project. With the implementation of the project, the extension will now run four stops further east to Noisy-Champs.

Line 18 | Number of Stations: 11 | Completion: 2030

This line will connect Orly airport to Versailles by 2030, linking the innovation and research cluster at Saclay Plateau with the large residential areas and labour pools in the Yvelines and Essonne 'departements'.

Line 15 | Number of Stations: 37 | Completion: 2030

Read about the impact on residential and office prices in the area.

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Les Groues

Expanding La Defense,
Paris core Business District

Redevelopment of a 76 hectare industrial site adjacent to La Defense. The development aims to strengthen links between the financial district and the rest of the city, aided by the arrival of Metro Line 15.

  • 76 hectare site
  • 5,000 homes
  • 10,000 new jobs
  • 200,000 sqm of offices
  • 630,000 sqm of potential space
  • Completion: 2020-2030


A vibrant area adjacent to Paris's historic CBD centred around Renzo Piano's
'Cite Judiciare de Paris'

A mixed-use development around a 10 ha park with a strong focus on sustainability. New metro lines will allow for easy access to Paris CBD and La Defense.

  • 50 hectare site
  • 3,400 homes
  • 12,700 jobs
  • 140,000 sqm of offices
  • 310,000 sqm of retail, services and light industrial
  • Completion: 2018 / 2020

Claude Bernard-Macdonald

Transforming a former industrial site into a modern residential and business district in inner Paris

This 20 hectare development site is part of the wider Paris Nord-Est renewal project. It includes the renovation of the 600 metre long Macdonald warehouse, led by internationally renowned architect Rem Koolhaas.

  • 20 hectare site
  • 1,600 homes
  • 4,600 new jobs
  • 68,000 sqm of offices
  • 66,000 sqm of retail, services and light industrial
  • Completion: 2015

Docks de Saint-Ouen

A 100-hectare new eco-district and creative hub on the banks of the River Seine

Involving the regeneration of a quarter of Saint-Ouen's total area, the Docks de Saint-Ouen will grow as a major office district - supported by the new Saint Denis-Pleyel transport hub.

  • 100 hectare site
  • Over 4,000 homes
  • 10,000 new jobs
  • 311,000 sqm of offices
  • 66,000 sqm of retail, services and light industrial, 12ha park
  • Completion: 2025


The most 'international' sub-market in South Paris stands to gain from improved connectivity and new development

New transport links (Line 15) and major regeneration projects (e.g. Ile Seguin, Pont d'Issy) mean Boulogne-Issy stands to strengthen its position as a dense, established major office market, as attractiveness to corporate occupiers and long-term investors increases.

  • Almost 2 million sq m of office space
  • Development of an additional 500,000 sq m of office space
  • Completion: 2022-2025

South Paris - Vanves/Bagneux/Gentilly

Improved access to West and Central Paris strengthens appeal of inner suburbs in South Paris

Lower occupancy costs will continue to draw firms from the Central and Western areas, while the improved transport links (Line 15) will also boost residential appeal of the region. A number of major projects have been announced in Bagneux, such as the Victor Hugo eco-district and Ilot de Mathurins, and Montrouge.

  • 1.6 million sqm of offices (completed)
  • 500,000 sqm of potential new office space
  • Completion: 2022-2025

Southeast Paris - Ivry-sur-Seine/Vitry-sur-Seine

Regeneration of industrial areas in Southeast Paris into new mixed-use urban districts

The areas to the East and Southeast of Paris are on the brink of change, boosted by the future arrival of Line 15, shifting from industrial usage to a truly mixed-use urban environment. Between Ivry-sur-Seine and Vitry-sur-Seine, there is potential for 3 million sqm of new housing, offices and public facilities. This emerging area offers considerable development potential with opportunities for investors and developers.

  • Up to 3 million sqm of housing, office space and public facilities
  • Completion: 2022-2025

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